Ecstatic Spectrum – Moving from blah to hell yeah

Ana Forrest first introduced me to the Ecstatic Spectrum.  This is a range of feelings plotted from the greatest pleasure to the least pleasure.  Every experience is somewhere on the scale. Samadhi < Ecstacy < Joy < Bliss < Contentment < Indifference < Annoyance < Dislike < Sadness < Emotions are infinite in their expansion.  There are no glass … Continue reading Ecstatic Spectrum – Moving from blah to hell yeah


Why I love Forrest Yoga

I discovered Forrest Yoga on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga holiday in Turkey.  The assistant teacher Charlie was a Forrest teacher.  One day Charlie led an abdominals sequence which was unlike any yoga pose I had done before.  Specific small movements are done in such a way so that they touched deeply inside my core.  This stoked the fire in … Continue reading Why I love Forrest Yoga