My One to One Experience

Choose a teacher

One that you feel drawn to.  Someone that inspires you.  A teacher that uses words in a way that resonates with you.  A teacher that continues to learn both by attending trainings and also through their own work.  A teacher with a strong self-practice.

This is very personal and differs by individual.  Isn’t it great that there are loads of amazing teachers out there to choose from!

You don’t have to climb the mountain yourself.  Bring help with you.  Take a cable car part of the way.  Bring supplies, extra food.  Bring a friend or a guide with you.  Yoga is the same.  You don’t have to do it alone, you can bring a teacher on your journey to show you the poses, the breathing, the philosopy.  A teacher has so much to share, get to spend time with them so they can teach you the most pertinent things to you.

This is why I teach – because I have so much to share!  My knowledge is wasted if I keep it all to myself.

I am a teacher and I have students.  But I am also a student and have my teachers. The ones who teach me face to face (to name a few) Kathinka, Bridget, Ana, Charlie, Collette, Esther, Sandra.  And the ones who I have met on workshops or I have met online.  My teachers will have their teachers, and so the lineage rises and the wisdom is passed down.

Arrange the class, time and place

I had a one-to-one class with a Forrest Yoga teacher.  Charlie Speller.  She was moving to France, so for her last month in the UK I drove 5 hours, pretty much the length of the UK, from Leeds to Bath. Its a long way, but its much less than a drive to France so what- the-heck!  I jumped in the car, making a weekend of it, seeing my sister half way down and then on to Bath to meet Charlie.  It makes me smile, thinking about how when I want something, I’ll get it done.  I cleared the weekend and went for it!

I had a sweet 3 hour session.  This was bodywork followed by a yoga class.

The session

A one to one session can be whatever you want it to be.  It is a safe way to work with a recovering injury – the teacher on hand to provide modifications.  The one to one session can be a way of going deeper, perhaps there is an area of your self that you are curious to dive into, the teacher can tailor their knowledge to impart the most relevant tools to your personal development.  Perhaps there is a particular pose that you just don’t get.  You can break down the pose and find a better way of doing it that works for you and your body.

The session is time to build a deeper bond with the teacher.  It is the ultimate in your own self care.  Asking for what you need can be the most advanced asana!

The outcome

After my session with Charlie I felt great.  I had an intention to work with, I had a sequence I can practice at home.  I had deep insights into my self development and my true nature.  Priceless.

I offer one-to-one sessions my home in North Leeds or your home.  Email or contact me 07710 406 203 to enquire about availability or to book a session.



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