Why I love Forrest Yoga

I discovered Forrest Yoga on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga holiday in Turkey.  The assistant teacher Charlie was a Forrest teacher.  One day Charlie led an abdominals sequence which was unlike any yoga pose I had done before.  Specific small movements are done in such a way so that they touched deeply inside my core.  This stoked the fire in my belly and filled me with confidence – I thought ‘if I can do that whole set of the abdominal exercise elbow to knee, I can do anything I set my mind to!’ Confidence and self-worth is something that I have struggled with in life.  The fact that this simple exercise made me feel so good about myself was a HUGE breakthrough.

Less than a year later I was a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher.  I followed my passion.  I listened to my gut about what makes me feel good and what I am good at.  I gave up a 10yr + successful career in Finance to become a full time Yoga Teacher.

I teach students to feel their body using breath and awareness; this subtle feeling increases sensitivity to their intuition and to listen to their inner voice.  My vision is to teach classes to empower my students to find their authentic self.

Come to a class to see what this is all about!


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